Welcome To The World’s First Entrepreneur-in-Residence Company. Introducing C-Suite Executives to E-Suite Expertise.

I created the King of Shaves brand in 1993 following redundancy from my well paid job in the marketing services sector.  At that time, the word ‘Entrepreneur’ was rarely used in business parlance.

How times have changed!

Writing this in 2015, a ‘career as an Entrepreneur’ is one hundreds of thousands of people are choosing every year, essentially being in charge of their own destiny, backing themselves to fulfil their desires.

I’ve learned a lot these past 22 years, and for sure, will carry on learning.  What I have discovered, is the huge number of people who really, REALLY want insight in what it takes to ‘be an Entrepreneur, behave Entrepreneurially and inject some of that secret E-Sauce into their business, irrespective of its size, from start-up to FTSE 100.

To my knowledge, no company exists which can inject what I’ve called E-Suite expertise into a company that may not have been exposed to Entrepreneurial traits.

So, I thought I’d found one.  Welcome to The Entrepreneur-in-Residence Company.  You’re in Great Company.

I, and my fellow Entrepreneurs-in-Residence are available to help you discover how you can use our skills to get you, or your company where you want, or need to be.  From defining your “Singularity of Purpose” to executing a “Pivot” into new, digital growth spaces, and everything in-between (or just to have a sounding board to chat to, and perhaps get you out from the woods, so you can see the trees) – I, we, can probably help.   In fact, I know we can.

We work on a variety of remuneration platforms, never for free – but always, ALWAYS, delivering you fantastic value for your hard-earned money.  After all, reputation is King, and never more so in my case!  As I constantly reminded my team at King of Shaves, “Always the King of Shaves, never the Knave”.

If you like what you’ve read, why not follow me on twitter, follow tweets with #theEIRco or even better, fill in the form below and let’s chat about whatever you might like to chat about.  Who knows what tack our conversation might take.

You’ll be in Great Company!  I guarantee it.

Will King (& others…)
Founder, The Entrepreneur-in-Residence Company.

Like To Be In Great Company? Get in Touch!

Small Print.  All copy is (c) Will King, 03/4/15 All Rights Reserved.  ‘The Entrepreneur in Residence Company’ is a trading name of Savage & King Ltd., a company incorporated in the UK.  “You’re In Great Company” is a trademark, pending registration.  King of Shaves is a registered trademark of The King of Shaves Company Ltd.

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